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Welcome to webWatchWorld.com, one person's take on the wonderful world of watch collecting and enjoyment! This website provides information about wrist watches and other horological curiosities along with tips on watch repair, maintenance and more.

The goal of webWatchWorld.com is to provide useful information to watch collectors of all types in a clear and easy-to-understand style. The focus is on watches that offer excellent value for the money -- which does not necessarily mean they will be inexpensive. I like all types of watches but concentrate mostly on mechanical watches that are either manual or automatic winding, but any watch is an interesting watch in my opinion!

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Mumford Watch Timer Review

Mumford Watch Timer ReviewHere's an amateur's take on adjusting watches using the Mumford MicroSet Watch Timer

It's a lot easier than the trial-and-error method, but there are a few quirks and the software is problematic.

It's also expensive, but getting those inexpensive watches running accurately is a lot of fun.

Read more in the Mumford Watch Timer review.

Battle of the Tide Watches!

Tide Watches ReviewCasio G-Shock vs. Nixon Lodown! Two fun tide watches with serious pros...and cons.

Two watches enter -- which one leaves?

Read more in the Casio G-Shock vs. Nixon Lodown Tide Watch review.

Glycine Combat Sub Review

Glycine Combat Sub ReviewCould this be the perfect dive watch? It's good-looking, thin, works with dress or sport clothing and it has an excellent pressure rating.

The Combat Sub is a Glycine classic and a popular choice. Read all about it in the Glycine Combat Sub review.

Sturmanskie "Ocean Navy Pilot's Watch" Review

Sturmanskie Ocean Navy Pilots Watch ReviewThis 3133 chronograph is decidedly non-tradtional for a Russian watch. It's big, it's bold, it's different!

It also had more than it's share of problems...

Read all about it in my Sturmanskie Ocean Navy Pilot's Watch Review.

DSW G.A.3 Dive Watch Review

DSW G.A.3 Dive Watch ReviewThe DiveSystem Group in Italy has made a limited edition run of 1,000 meter rated dive watches to commemorate an Italian Navy midget submarine attack during World War II.

The G.A.3 is a nice combination of style and function.

Read all about it in my DSW G.A.3 Dive Watch Review.

Mühle-Glashütte 29er Wristwatch Review

Muhle-Glashutte 29er Wristwatch ReviewA lesser-known watchmaker from Germany and a modified and adjusted Selitta movement make for a great-looking and high-quality wristwatch.

The 29er is the textbook definition of the "sporty" watch that works for dress or casual wear.

Read all about it in the Mühle-Glashütte 29er wristwatch review!

Alpha 24-Hour Military Universal Time Watch Review

Alpha 24-hour Military Universal Time Wristwatch ReviewAn interesting and very inexpensive wristwatch that has a few problems, proving that cheaper isn't necessarily better.

If only...Alpha had spent a bit more on finishing, it might have been a contender.

Read all about it in the Alpha 24-Hour Military Universal Time wristwatch review!

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