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Welcome to webWatchWorld.com, one person's take on the wonderful world of watch collecting and enjoyment!

I'm The TimeSurfer, and I've been a watch collector since I was given my first watch on my 7th birthday (many years ago!). I'm proud to say I still own it, and that Zorro watch that now rests in a prized position in my watch box.

The goal of webWatchWorld.com is to provide useful information to watch collectors of all types in a clear and easy-to-understand style.

The focus is on watches that offer excellent value for the money -- which does not necessarily mean they will be inexpensive.

I like all types of watches but concentrate mostly on mechanical watches that are either manual or automatic winding, but any watch is an interesting watch in my opinion!

Here you'll find information about wrist watches and other horological curiosities along with tips on watch repair, maintenance and more.

webWatchWorld.com is owned and managed by webWorld International, LLC.

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